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Play Bridge Race Online Games

Be fast, precise, and agile in this entertaining game, Bridge Race! Face two opponents and conquer the bridges before they caught up to you!

Collect blocks and stack your way across the bridge in this challenging and competitive arcade game, Bridge Race!

Collect the blocks as quickly as you can and defeat your opponents!

You Might Have Seen Bridge Race Before

Yes, this online game is top-rated, and you might have seen it in the ads somewhere. It’s fun, relaxing, and it requires your focus to win.

Promise, you’ll find the game very entertaining!

The game is very simple. When you press start, you’ll be given a colour to collect, depending on the colour of your character.

The colours are red, green, or blue.
Then, you collect blocks with your colour and stack them on the bridge. Depending on the levels, you’ll have sections.

Every time you cross to a new section, the bridge will decrease, so only the winner can cross at the last section.

You simply have to make circular movements using your mouse if you’re using a PC or your fingers for phones to move your character.

Rules and Tips

You’ll need to go a few rounds to collect all the blocks. Two opponents will be competing with you, so remember to be quick and precise!

Each player can choose a lane to stack their blocks, but you can derail your opponent by stacking your blocks on their lane!

But that’ll slow both your opponent and yourself. So, remember to focus on your crossing, too!

Oh, you can collect the extra blocks on the first section to carry to the second section, as well!

How to play : Swipe to play
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