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Play Stickdoll 2 : Revenge Of Flame Online Games

Looking for an adventure game with a good story? Stickdoll 2: Revenge of Flame is perfect for you.

The flame needs your help! Stickdoll 2: Revenge of Flame is a fantasy adventure game. It follows a stickman character, Flame, who comes from the Fire Kingdom. His friend Gargle betrayed him and stole his precious elemental stone. Defeat monsters in this free online game and help Flame take back his magic stone.

Interesting Story

This action game for kids has an exciting storyline. It tells about Flame, who wanted to collect five elemental stones and a dark magic book to make his kingdom powerful again. But, his friend stole the elemental stone, so he must visit various kingdoms to take it back.

The flame will visit each kingdom, and the stage will show you that. For example, the first stage is the Skull Kingdom. You need to fight the skull guardians who guard the elemental stone.

The gameplay is similar to 2D platform games. You need to jump between platforms and defeat enemies to reach the finish line. The enemies vary; sometimes, you will meet flying skulls and have to jump while attacking.

The Game Controls

To play Stickdoll 2: Revenge of Flame, you need to use several buttons on the keyboard. Use arrow keys to move forward, backward, and jump. The key used to attack is the spacebar. Meanwhile, to open the chest, use “P”. At the beginning of each stage, you can gain some buffs by opening the chest.

This stickman fighting game is an online game that can run in an internet browser. So there is no need to download or install. It is free to play too. Perfect for kids or anyone who feels bored at home.

Fun and Challenging

Playing Stickdoll 2: Revenge of Flame is challenging from the start. There are a lot of enemies, and some platforms are small. And there are also spiky traps. So you need to be careful when moving. But, it makes the game more fun because you will feel curious trying to finish the challenge.

If you have some free time and are bored at home, try this action game online. Play Stickdoll 2: Revenge of Flame and save the Fire Kingdom with Flame!

How to play : Use Spacebar to attack Use Arrow Keys to jump and move
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