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Play Run Rich 3D Online Games

Do you want to be rich? Try playing Run Rich 3D. Be beautiful and rich by collecting as much money as possible on the way.

Run Rich 3D is a free-to-play 3D arcade game created by developer VooDoo that's already available on iPhone and Android.

This free online game works by using a mouse that is shifted right and left, can be played in your computer browser. Simple game with easy-to-remember controls. It's a very kid-friendly game.

This game is a type of auto-runner game. The character you move will run on the available tracks.

The goal is to take the money that is on the way and avoid the things and people that make your money run low. There are thieves, food, beer bottles, gambling machines, and more. Those are the things that make you lose your money when you hit it.

Moreover, you can choose two life choices at the door by writing on it. You can also lose money to increase money. Like choosing a deposit and education.

If you choose the fun option then your money will be reduced. You have to choose things as a better life choice to increase and avoid lost money.

Your level will go up when you reach the target points. So, you can upgrade and buy items with the money that you get from the previous game that have you played.

House Upgrades
As a successful money digger, you have to show progress in the game by upgrading houses to be more luxurious.

Moral Values
Money keeps people and the world going, it can be said that the economy and finance sustain life. Including your personal life.

The developers of this game provide a message for children to sharpen their financial management and economic decision-making skills. For example, do you choose education or clubs? You have to know which ones will make you rich. You will learn to decide positive or negative effects for yourself in this game.

This is how you become a temporary rich man. Play Run Rich 3D now, feel the luxury of being a rich man.

How to play: Drag to move
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