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Play spongebob Hero Online Games

SpongeBob in a Batman suit, in a Mario Bros game? Count me in! Enjoy this blend of our favourite characters in SpongeBob Run, an entertaining online game.

Do you enjoy playing Mario Bros, with many treasures and obstacles? Well, let’s upgrade the game with our favourite character, SpongeBob in SpongeBob Hero!

Wait, a SpongeBob Mario Bros Game? What Is It Exactly?

Yes, our little yellow friend is the main character of the game. The best part is, he is various role-playing superheroes, like Captain America and Batman!

So, this SpongeBob/heroes character is your avatar for the Mario Bros game!

This online game has the same rules as the Mario Bros game. You’ll find similar terrain, blocks, obstacles, and so on.
The game has two terrains you can choose from. You’re given seven lives once you start the game.

On the PC screen, you’ll find controls to go forward, backward, or jump. If you don’t want to use your mouse, use your arrow keys or the WASD keys.

If you’re playing on your phone, simply tap into the controls on the screen.

What’s the Difference with Mario Bros? What’s Unique?

SpongeBob Hero is designed to look like Mario Bros. It has a slightly old look to it. It seems like the typical old school game with brown colours and muted somewhat hues.
The dimensions and overall feel of the game also look like you’re playing on an old Nintendo.

The only difference is, instead of Mario or Luigi, you get SpongeBob!
Oh, and SpongeBob is dressed like our favourite superheroes from the Marvel and DC Universe!

Another unique point is that the sound effects and design match SpongeBob’s origin, the sea.

That’s why the treasures are designed to look like bubbles and make a little pop sound if you crush them.

What do you think? If you like SpongeBob, superheroes, and Mario Bros, then this is the perfect game for you. Play SpongeBob Hero on your PC and phone, enjoy!

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