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Play Sling Kong Online Games

Are you looking for yet another super addictive arcade game? Sling Kong is the only perfect fit! Through its impeccable gameplay and ultra-cute character design, you would get an arcade experience like no other.

Excellent Gameplay of Sling Kong

Sling Kong is a kind of arcade game to get as high as possible. You need to pull your character up and far by stretching and releasing.

In this game, you get to play Kong, a monkey able to jump through obstacles. Furthermore, you have to be aware of dangerous things like flamethrowers, crushing walls and even saws.

It is currently very tricky to move on up. You have to make sure to get the proper stretch and release it in the right direction. Failure to do so may result in an automatic game over or call you back down below.

A word of advice for you: do not stretch too much!

You are stretching too many costs the life of your monkey. Thus, you need to be careful. When the dot in your monkey starts blinking like crazy, then it is time to hit the release button.

Sling Kong Graphic Review

Sling Kong runs smoothly in any browser. It is very easy to load since the arcade game has a brilliant graphic that would not take too much from your processing system.

You would be satisfied with the design of your character and the environment. At the starting level, you can enjoy the yellow banana tree design. But, as you progress through stages, you would get to access more and more fun environments.

So, are you ready to jump as high as you can get? Play Sling Kong!

How to play: drag with mouse or touchscreen
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