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5 Under Stairs Childrends Den Ideas for a Fun Playroom

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Have you considered what to do with the space under the stairs at your house? These under-stairs children’s den ideas will make that helpful room.

What do you do with that tiny room under the stairs? Have you considered creating a fun under-stairs children’s den?

Well, most homeowners will turn that room into a storage spot. However, it mostly gets messier all the time.

If you have kids and they love to play around, you should think about turning that space into a fun tiny playground. Check out some ideas below.

1 Colorful Work Space

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Do you know that even your kids need a workspace at home? Of course, it won’t be as severe as yours, but they need one.

One of the most exciting under stairs ideas is to create a small reading room for your little one. It will fit one or two open shelves and a cute portable chair. You’ve turned the space into a meaningful room, and your kid is happy to have his own “office.”

2. Super-Fun Reading Nook

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So, if you have a teenager and she needs to own a nook for her reading time, you can turn it into a rock-and-roll nook. Of course, it doesn’t have to be rock-and-roll all the time, but this picture is quite a theme, right?

Also, the record decorations give a bright musical vibe in a retro style. Feel free to add a guitar or other musical instruments if your kid approves.

3. A Tea-Party Spot

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If the princess loves to invite her doll friends to a tea party, this under-stairs playroom idea would fit the scenario. Generally, the under-stairs room is petite and narrow, a perfect spot for a tea-party venue.

You can decorate the room with a cute wallpaper pattern and some of her toys. It simply makes a wonderland out of a small space.

4. Hangout Cave

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A cave doesn’t need to be scary and dark, after all. This picture shows how a cave can turn into a small under-stairs play area.

All you have to do is put some big pillows and a comfy rug in it. Also, don’t forget to decorate the cage with kid-friendly accessories. They will appreciate a simple bookshelf too.

5. Indoor Tree House

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A treehouse might be a fond memory of your childhood. You can turn a small room under the stairs into a tree-house-themed under stairs playhouse.

It may require a lot of work, especially if you prefer a DIY project. However, it makes a super-nice spot for your kids to hang out at home. Children sometimes need time to unwind and get away - this playhouse is a perfect place.

Final Words

Most of the time, the room under the stairs is left unused. Sometimes you also utilize it for storage, but it’s messy.

Turning that dark spot into a bright under-stairs children’s den is a good idea. It will infuse a brighter mood in the room, and your kids will love it since they have an extra playroom!