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Play Summer Dessert Party Online Games

Ready to concoct your dream summer dessert party in a colorful and fun way? Play the game, mix the toppings, and have fun with your favorite sweet treat!

Summer Dessert Party game is basically a cooking simulation game for kids.

Presented by Yiv.com, you can play this game online in browsers, such as Safari, Google Chrome, or Android, iOS, and Windows Phone smartphones. You will get the experience of cooking your favorite sweet dish here.

Simple but Attractive Graphics
Not only children, it seems that adults will also drool when they see many sweet foods, colorful, and tempting toppings here. To make your favorite summer dessert, you must first choose what type of food you will cook. Whether ice cream roll, popsicle, or lemonade.

There are many toppings and sprinkles that you can add to your cooking, such as candy, marshmallows, sugar, fruit, syrup, and caramel. Hmm... yummy!
The graphics are simple, with instructions and guide buttons that children will easily understand. Even so, the colorful pictures are sure enough to tempt children to play with.


When you enter this game, you will be treated to some typical summer party dessert ideas that you can make yourself. Starting from rainbow ice cream, Hello Kitty popsicle, or unicorn light bulb lemonade. Use the mouse to move according to the directions, or tap if you play it on a smartphone.

First of all, from the available ingredients, you have to make your own food, just follow the recipe. The instructions are quite easy. Then create it with your favorite decoration and toppings. Such as chocolate syrup, whipped cream, or sprinkles and colorful candies.

The desserts that look the most fun to decorate are colorful ice cream because you can mix in colorful frostings, even adding new flavors to the ice cream.

This one is indeed a symbol of typical refreshing summer dessert cold food.

That's the review of the Summer Dessert Party game. You can imagine what a cold and refreshing meal would look like on a hot day, then cook it here. Good luck!

How to play: Mouse or tap to play
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