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Play Fruit Punch Online Games

Challenge your reflexes and focus with Fruit Punch! It is a simple game at a glance. It packs quite a punch, with bombs and moving boards to entertain you!

Punch, punch! Test your eyes and fist with this fruity mix, Fruit Punch! However, all these fruits contain occasional dangers you’ll have to dodge!

Fruit Punch: What Is It?

Ever think of relaxing at home with a cosy game of reflexes and focus? If you’ve thought of it, meet Fruit Punch, your perfect companion.

A casual online game, Fruit Punch, can be played while you’re relaxing at home without making you nervous.

However, that doesn’t mean that Fruit Punch doesn’t pack challenges. You’ll find yourself dodging multiple obstacles, too.

This phone and PC online game are easy enough to understand. When you press play, you’ll be redirected to the game, where you choose your level.

Every time you upgraded to a higher level, the game will increase the number of bombs.

Yes, alongside the fruits, it will have the occasional bombs in it.
The game is simple. There will be a moving cutting board with fruits on it. Then, using the fist on the screen, you hit every fruit. Whenever you see a fruit, you click on your left mouse button.

Or, if you’re playing on your phone, you can just tap your screen once.
Simple right?

Rules and Challenges:

Not really.
Oh, and if you accidentally hit a bomb, it’ll cost you a life!

The higher the level, the more bombs. So, not hitting a bomb is a challenge. And, you’re only given three lives, to begin with.

If you miss a fruit altogether, you’ll lose one life, too.

You’ll get a great deal of suspense, as well. You can’t help but anticipating what’ll come out next, and if you’re not ready, you’ll make a mistake.

But, to aid you, the game has a progress bar on top, so you’ll know how close you’re to clear a level.

Now, you won’t miss your chance playing a free online game that challenges your reflexes and focus, would you? Don’t wait. Open your PC or phone, and play Fruit Punch!

How to play: Tap the left mouse button
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