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Play Sweet Worlds Online Games

Enjoy puzzle games that require you to match with the time. The Sweet Worlds game shows you how puzzle games should be solved. Play the game for free!

If you enjoy puzzle games online, you would love the gameplay of Sweet Worlds. This game is simple yet addictive.

Are you ready for an adventure? Here in this sugar land, tasty candies and colours of rainbows await you.

There is no better place for a sweet tooth soul than here. Let’s take the ride, then.

How to Play

As part of candy games online, you are welcomed with tons of sugary candies in this sugar land. The objective of this game is to complete the challenge by collecting all candies within the given time.

There would be tons of colourful candies, and you have to connect three identical candies or more to reach your target. However, the time is limited. Thus, you better use the available time to match as many candies as possible.
If you can match four candies or more, you can get combo and bonus scores. However, once the time is up, you are over.

This game is quite relaxing and intriguing at the same time. Thus, why don’t you try it yourself right now? The Sweet Worlds game online is available anywhere you are.

Where to Play

This game is an online game, so that you can play it anytime you want as long as you have a decent internet connection. The control is also easy to follow.
You can use your mouse to connect the identical candies or touch the screen of your mobile gadget.

Since this game is accessible for everyone, you need to use your favourite browser to get to the game.

Even though you are the one who plays the game, you can invite your friends and play the Sweet Worlds game together.

How to play: Mouse or touch control
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