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Play Impostor Killer Online Games

Wondering what to do in your free time? Catch the “sus” in this Among Us online game Impostor Killer!

Beware of the impostor! Takedown the impostor in this Among Us themed game, Impostor Killer. It is a free online game for kids focused on strategy. In this opular Among Us game adaptation, you will play an astronaut on a mission to kill the impostor. But, don’t let the impostor kill you!

In this Impostor Killer Among Us, you must catch the impostors without them noticing. You will have to walk in stealth and hide from an impostor’s view to win the game. If you fail and they catch you instead, the game will be over. But, they will only see you when you step on their range of vision. You’ll be safe if you are still far away.

Every stage of Impostor Killer takes place in a maze. There will be a lot of walls and corners to hide from the impostor. Players need to navigate between the rooms in the maze to meet with the target.

Enjoyable and Easy to Play

The game is easy to control. To control the popular movement of your character, use a mouse or computer’s touchpad. Click and drag the cursor on the screen to bring the surface to the place you want. Killing the impostor is very easy too, we just need to position our character behind the impostor.

Sometimes there will be more than one impostor, and each of them has its movement pattern. Take advantage of the different movement patterns and sneak behind the “sus” to catch them.

With increasing levels, the difficulty also increased. This impostor game is challenging but still entertaining to play. You will not feel any boredom because each stage will make you more curious to finish it. It is also a good brain exercise because you will need a strategy to win the game.

Impostor Killer is a recommended game for kids of any age. It's an excellent game to get rid of your boredom.

How to play: Arrow keys to move Spacebar to attack or use touch control
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