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Another climbing game, but this time it's very cutely designed. Blob Climbing Game is a fun but challenging game that will brighten your day.

If you're tired of playing the same game, try this adorable Blob Climbing online game. This green blob has a rubbery body and enjoys clinging to tall buildings. Assist him in reaching the top by completing various difficult missions.


It’s a green blob that enjoys traveling the world in search of tall buildings to climb. You must assist him in climbing the tower all the way to the top. Blobs climbing is not the same as climbing with spiders or Spiderman.

To keep himself from falling, use his strength, which is his rubbery clump-like shape, to flex his body, aiming at the grip targets on the building's walls. Yes, it's a cute, funny, and challenging game. Because if you take the wrong aim and don't have a strategy, the green lump will fall and you will lose.

This game is fun and exciting, with 3D visuals that are quite interesting and the character of the green blob that is really cute. Your mission is to assist the blob in reaching the top. You must make him jump, flex his body, and aim in order for him to maintain the proper grip.

Don't let him fall. While this mission appears to be simple, there are some obstacles to overcome. As well as the points you can earn by jumping into the correct handle. The fun part is that you can gradually expand the green blob's body by jumping towards the extra rubber around it.

However, take care not to let it fall. Just make sure you're heading in the right direction. When he reaches the top, if the blob is large enough, he will be able to defeat the enemies who have been waiting for him there.

This first-round game will be won by you, and you will receive a bonus. This is why, while you're aiming in the right direction, make the body bigger by grabbing any extra rubber you can find while jumping. How do you make it jump? Simply drag and release.

Play the Blob Climbing game online right now. Its adorable characters and entertaining missions will keep you entertained. Good luck!

How to play: Drag to release jump
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