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Play Princess Ariel Fitness Plan Online Games

Summer is near, but Princess Ariel is gaining weight. Princess Ariel Fitness Plan game is how you help her become a trainer. Train her fitness movement and food.

Have you ever experienced obesity or weight gain and successfully managed to lose weight?

It's time for you to help princess Ariel lose weight in the Princess Ariel Fitness Plan game.

In a beautiful summer, Princess Ariel, who plans to go to the beach, is not confident with her body shape if she wears a bikini because she has gained weight.

You, as a trainer, must guide Princess Ariel to get her ideal body. Come on!

Fitness Exercise! Burn Your Fat

In this section, your guide and choose various workout movements that can burn fat.

But, first, Princess Ariel had to change the shirt into a tracksuit. You can choose and apply it to her body.

Before fitness, Princess Ariel must warm up first. Small stretches make the body less prone to injury.

After that, with Princess Ariel, we followed Yoga movements, jumping jacks, and lifting barbells. At the very least, you'll be at the gym for 5 minutes.

Diet Food Menu

Help Princess Ariel cook and choose ingredients for her diet food.

There are two carbohydrates that you can choose from, which are brown rice and sorghum rice. Both are complex carbohydrates that are good for the body. It all depends on you.

Next, choose 1 type of vegetable between tomatoes, asparagus, purple cabbage, and broccoli as a source of body fibre.

Last but not least, there are three proteins for princess Ariel. Namely chicken, beef, and shrimp. Choose one that is good for him.

Not only that, you have to cook all the feed ingredients according to the instructions. You have to put food on the stove or cut it. You do this by pressing and dragging the material and clicking on the equipment.

Succeed! Let's Go to the Beach

You did it! Princess Ariel managed to reduce her weight to appear slimmer than before. He's ready to go to the beach. Your job is a little more complete. Princess Ariel asks you to choose a swimsuit, hairstyle, and sandals. Let her look beautiful.

After all this, do you want to be a trainer? You can play This Princess Ariel Fitness Plan game many times. You can change the diet menu and beach style as you like. Let's play again!

How to play: Mouse click or tap to play
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