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Want to find a funny game that won’t let you feel bored? Check Icy Purple Head and try adventuring with Mr. Purple!

Mr. Purple Head needs your help! Navigate the cold winter with him in this arcade game Icy Purple Head. In the game, Mr. Purple Head has a super power. When he grit his teeth he can turn into an ice block and slide everywhere. But, the road is full of pits and spiky ice, so help him slide safely to the finish line!

Interesting and Funny

In Icy Purple Head, you will control Mr. Purple, a purple-colored blocky head. He can turn into an ice cube. The animation of the game is colorful and cute, especially Mr. Purple. He also has so many funny expressions, making the game even cuter.

The gameplay of this funny game is not hard to understand either. When Mr. Purple is an ice cube, he will become slick and can slide through the road. When he’s purple, he will stop moving and stand still. Help him slide to the finish line and avoid any obstacle like laser and spiky ice.

You can take advantage of various tools available on each stage. Like teleport gate, magnet, and giant fan. Use those to help him survive.

Exciting and Varied Challenge

To play the game, you only need to use your mouse or touchpad to click the screen. When clicked, Mr. Purple Head will become an ice block and move forward. It's a free online game, so you aren't required to download or install. Just open it on your internet browser.

In total, there are 30 levels in Icy
Purple Head Superslide. At first the obstacles and how to pass is simple, but with increasing levels the stage become more complicated. Think creatively and use a combination of available tools to help you reach the checkpoint.

In conclusion, this game is funny and very enjoyable to play. It’s simple but challenging and very addicting. You won’t feel bored at all. Try Icy Purple Head and go adventuring with Mr. Purple!

How to play: mouse / touch control
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