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Play Sheep Run Online Games

Do you want to play Sheep Run? Play online for free! Save the sweet sheep from the traps and collect the points. Enjoy and have fun!

The Sheep Run into the mysterious forest because they got lost. Adventure and exploration along the way will be interesting, but full of risks. The running sheep needs an agile assistant. Prove that you can guide your character.

About Sheep Run

How well can you guide your sheep along forest trails filled with challenging obstacles and traps? The most dangerous are fallen trees and rocks rolling into the middle of the road. Crashing or getting hit causes the player to lose sheep.

The road is not always straight, there are winding roads, sharp turns, and even intersections that make you have to quickly think which way you are going. Don't walk too far. Because it can make the sheep trapped.

The goal of the player is to lead the sheep safely as well as pick up the points scattered on the forest road.

If the sheep crashes or gets stuck, you can continue the journey without starting over by watching video ads. Then you will start from where you lost.

To do that, you have to hold and drag the left side of the mouse to move the sheep to avoid the traps.
This game is easier to play on a PC using a mouse.

Let's help the sheep through the forest, avoiding obstacles and winding roads. Play Sheet Run now and get the highest score!

How to play : Sheep Run in the mysterious forest path endlessly boys childer
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