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Play Cut the Rope Time Travel Online Games

Play the newest addition of the game, Cut the Rope Time Travel. Find your way to feed Nom with the candies and collect the stars on the scene.

It is time for the new Cut the Rope Time Travel. Just like any other version of the game, you have to cut the rope and feed the Noms with candies. Other than feeding the candies to the frogs, you also need to collect the stars to unlock all levels. This puzzle game is fun and easy to play. So, why don’t you play it now?


Just like other puzzle games, you have to solve whatever is on your screen. This game is similar to its former successors, but the charm will always spoil you.

This game features several locations from the ancient era, such as Ancient Egypt, Middle Ages, Renaissance, and so on. Thus, you may learn a few things while cutting the ropes.

Some physic objects from the real world are involved, such as a cat’s cradle. This is quite interesting since you can learn how kinetic energy works and affects its surroundings.

To unlock all levels, you must make precise decisions also good reflexes. Other than the basic rope-cutting thing, you will face more challenges, such as trampolines, spikes, blowers, balloons, and even time stoppers.

Game Controls

If you access the game from your laptop’s web browser, you can click and drag your mouse on the rope to cut it. Meanwhile, you can swipe the screen with your finger to cut the rope if you are using your smartphone or phone tablet.
Once you get to a higher level, the challenges will become harder too.


Cool graphic
Simple gameplay
Intuitive game controls
Available on all platforms
Online games, no need to download

This game requires excellent focus, fast decisions, and good reflexes. So, if you are into that kind of thing, Cut the Rope Time Travel is a must-play game. Invite your friends and enjoy the thrill together!
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