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Play Crossy Chicken Online Games

Why did the chicken cross the road? Find out the answer in this Crossy Chicken game. The game is available for free, and you can enjoy it anytime you want.

Why did the chicken cross the road? The classic question will never find the answer if you don’t play the Crossy Chicken game.

Inspired by the Crossy Road gameplay, this game will bring fun to your day. Enjoy the game for free and tackle the challenges!


This chicken game will require you to help the chickens to cross the street. The roads are pretty busy, and the chicken may easily get hit by cars.
Staying too long on the road is also not a good idea. Thus, you can get the highest score in this game.

The chicken needs to get to the other side of the crossroad. Coins are lying on the ground. Your task is to collect as many coins as possible while keeping the chicken safe.

As mentioned earlier, you are not allowed to stand for too long. While the cars and trains will hit the chicken, it will die as the screen urges you to move the chicken.

Game Controls

You can use the arrow buttons to direct the chicken. But don’t expect the chicken could walk fast, after all. Other than using the arrow buttons, you can also click your mouse or tap the screen.

This game requires you to focus on the road and the coins since you won’t score anything without collecting the coins. So, good luck!

Since the game is online, you can access it on all platforms through your favourite web browser.

Help the Chicken

As mentioned earlier, the chicken needs your help to cross the busy roads. So, bring your best game and get the highest score possible.

You can invite your friends to play Crossy Chicken together. Competition is a spice to a game, right?

How to play : Use arrow keys to move
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