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Play Run! and Escape Online Games

Have some free time? Don’t worry about boredom. Help a robot run away in this fun game Run! and Escape.

Are you searching for a fun game to play? Try running for your life in this adventure game Run! And Escape. You will play like a robot trapped in a terrifying castle. Run and take the key before spiky walls hit you!

Run! and Escape is a running game that you can play online. The gameplay is similar to platform games like Mario Bros, where you run and jump to platforms in 2D style animation. But, you have to move very fast because behind the character, a spiky wall will chase you.

There are a lot of small obstacles that will block your way to escape. You have to jump while running fast. When the obstacle is a tall wall, a double jump will help pass it. You can also hop mid-air to jump higher and grab the key.

To play the game, we just need to use the A and D buttons on the keyboard to move back and forward. We can also use arrow keys to do so. To jump, use the spacebar. Clicking the spacebar twice will make us jump very high. It’s handy when the obstacle blocking the way is tall.

The game doesn’t require installation or download either. And, this online game for kids can be played for free. Just open it on your internet browser and start playing. It’s fun and very easy to play.

Fun and Simple

The goal of this free online game is very simple. But each level will get more challenging, so you will not feel bored playing this game. In total, there are 40 levels of room you need to escape from.

The obstacles will get more varied with higher levels like more pits on the floors, spiky floors, and taller walls. The key will be placed in a more challenging place to get. It’s suitable for brain exercise because we need to think creatively to finish the stage.

So, what are you waiting for? Help the robot run away from the castle and Play Run! and Escape now.

How to play : Use AD or arrow keys to move W up arrow or spacebar to jump
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