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Play La Liga Head Soccer 2021 Online Games

Play soccer but only uses the head-to-head ball in La Liga Head Soccer 2021. Coming with superb graphics and smooth animation, you will find this enjoyable!

La Liga Head Soccer 2021 is a fun game you have to try. It comes with basic volleyball gameplay, but you have to use your head.

The game consists of two players, and it provides tons of fun you cannot miss. Available on all platforms, this game comes with excellent graphics and cool animations.

So, why don’t you try this sports game now?


The gameplay of this online football heads game is simple. You will face your opponent and win the game.

Just like volleyball in general, you must keep the ball away from your area. Meanwhile, you have to toss the ball to your opponent’s to score.

The one who scores three first is the winner. Sounds simple, right?
If you win the match, the game will grant you 200 points which you can use to enter a tournament. Meanwhile, as you collect your winning matches, your level gets higher too.

There is no reason not to try this game. It’s fun and free; what else are you looking for?

Game Controls

This fun game won’t allow you to struggle with having fun. All you need is to click your mouse to bounce the ball in the air or attack your opponent with your magical power.

Meanwhile, you can slide your finger on your phone’s screen and tap it to control the game. So, keep winning and collecting the points to complete the whole level!

You can access this game from various platforms (PC, Android, iOS, etc.) as part of fun online games. You have to try La Liga Head Soccer 2021 to know how fun this game is. Don’t let the ball fall in your area!

How to play: use the mouse to move the player
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