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Play Cut The Rope II Online Games

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This legendary game won’t stop you from enjoying a fun game. Cut the Rope II will bring excitement from the previous version. But this version is more fun.

It is impossible to forget how fun Cut the Rope was. Playing Cut the Rope II will bring you the nostalgic feeling but this one is better.

With the new theme, time travel, you would love this game even more. So, why don’t we start to check out the game?


Nom is ready to face the world. In the Cut the Rope 2 for PC, you need to break the candies and make sure they land on Nom’s mouth.

Other than cutting the rope and letting the candy get into Nom’s mouth, you better grab the star too. The basic gameplay is the same as the previous version, but the challenges on every level are improved.

Nom also has a friend who wants to get the candies. So you have to put the candies on both mouths at every level. The difficulties get higher and higher, after all.

However, Cut the Rope online won’t allow you to skip the level. Each level you’ve won will unlock the next level. Otherwise, you will be stuck on the same level for a very long time.

Game Controls

To cut the rope, you can click and drag your mouse. If you play on your smartphone or tablet, you can touch the screen and drag your finger.

Since the game is online, you do not need to deal with the Cut the Rope download in the first place. Enjoy this fun game anywhere on all platforms.

Cut the Ropes and Eat All Candies

Of course, the objective is to cut all the ropes and let Nom eat all the candies. However, you need to be clever and logical.

Some ropes and candies don’t even look logical. But if you can think it through, you may score the highest in Cut the Rope II. Invite your friends to play together!

How to play: Mouse & touch control
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