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The Ultimate Tips to Design Twin Nursery Rooms

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Designing a nursery room is such a fun yet challenging journey. Check out these tips on designing twin nursery rooms that you (and the twins) will love.

Planning a twin nursery is fun yet challenging. You have to keep your excitement and not be too overboard, but create a peaceful room for your babies.

But should you double up everything in the nursery? Well, check out the tips below for more insights.

1. Prepare Early Before It’s Too Late

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You will have no time to stumble in lots of twin nursery ideas. So, it is better to start early because there is such a “too late.”

According to designers, when you hit the 40-week mark, you may want to finish the entire room. Other than considering the look, comfy and safety should come first.

2. No Need to Buy Two in Everything

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Many people think that having a twin means that they have to double up on anything - it also applies to furniture selections. It is not necessary anyway.

Of course, ample storage space is necessary for two babies, but you won’t change them in different dressers, right?

Thus, a single dresser with a changing table is an excellent choice for a twin nursery for small rooms. After all, to keep things neat and organized, you can invest in drawer separators.

3. Consider the Crib

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It is always better to start with separated cribs in the first place. Besides, choosing suitable cribs will make lovely decorations in the room too.

By that, you can go with simple cribs that utilize clean lines. Of course, the one with a smaller footprint and lower top will be great.

Also, you can stick with natural colors for a more airy atmosphere. It will make a minimalist twin nursery without leaving the baby vibe in the first place.

4. Simplicity is Key

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Decorating a nursery for twins is always fun, but things may get overboard. Keep in mind that simplicity is vital. On the other hand, the minimalist approach is always the best way, even if you are dealing with twin nursery decor tasks.

In this case, a neutral color palette is always a great thing to start with. Besides, investing in furnishings with clean lines will keep the room uncluttered.

5. Invest in Storage Hacks

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Since you cannot double up on everything in the room, you need to invest in storage hacks. It can be more fun than you think, after all.

For instance, you can install more rails for more space in the closet. What if you need more drawer space? Well, hooks and some canvas bags will do a great job of handling those extra items.

You would also love the idea of adding an ottoman to the room. It serves extra seating while you can use the storage beneath to keep things hidden.

Final Thoughts

Safety always comes first when it comes to designing a nursery room. While it should suit your babies, it is also essential to consider your comfort as the parents. Hopefully, the tips about building a twin nursery room will work for you.