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How to Install The Sims 4 Mods

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In The Sims 4, mods play a huge role in making game-playing more fun. Usually, experienced players may mix them up with customized content (CC). Understanding how to install The Sims 4 mods is as important as knowing where to obtain them.

Mods are items that the game’s players have developed over the years. Players add the mods into the game to make the characters more interesting. They can be the game’s items or functions. In addition, players can add lots to the game.

Getting a mod is not difficult as many The Sims communities offer it for free. However, many players do not know how to integrate the mods into their game. Here is how to install The Sims 4 mods:

1. Updating the Game to the Latest Patch

A patch is an update that Electronic Arts do to improve the game. A new patch may delete the bugs that players found in the previous updates. It can also add minor functions that are not available before. Mods, especially the newer ones, will only work in the latest patch.

The default setting of the patch update is automatic. Players will get notifications when the game is updating its patch. However, sometimes players disable this function. In this case, they have to do the update process manually. It is a step that cannot be skipped.

2. Saving the Mods Files

Once a player has made sure that the patch is updated, they can start saving their chosen mods. It is easy to find mods if the players visit web pages that host other The Sims 4 players. Mods offer fun additions to the game such as items and career paths.

When downloading the game’s mods, players must make sure that the process is successful. If there is a missing file, the mods may not be able to work properly. Thus, having a steady internet connection is important at this stage.

3. Unzip the Mods Files

To apply the steps in how to install The Sims 4 mods, players must have an unzipping program. This program can access the mods which are usually in zip formats. Without this program, the small files inside the zip are unusable.

Users need to extract the zip file to a folder. It is simpler to extract the file in a similar name folder. This will make it easier to track the extracted files. Players must make sure that files with .cfg ending are present in that folder.

Although users can delete certain files in the folder, it is better not to do that. In several cases, users may delete an important file. If this happens, the mods will not run properly in the game. Thus, users should maintain the original extracted files.

4. Transfer the File to the Right Folder

The next step is to transfer the .cfg file into the right folder. Users can find the folder inside System C, inside The Sims 4 folder. This folder is named Mods. Once the user has located the folder, they can copy the file there.

Players have to enable the Mods mode so that they can see the newly installed mods. If the status is ‘enabled’, it will be visible when players open the game. If players do the installation correctly, the mods will work just fine. There will not be any glitch.

It is necessary to note that this tutorial only applies to PC players. If the player uses other platforms, they need to look for the method to add mods. Perhaps the mods for the PC platform will be different than the ones in other tools.

The Sims’ fourth generation is a fun game with many player-made contents. Therefore, it is a waste not to use them in-game playing. Knowing how to install The Sims 4 mods becomes a very important skill. Hopefully, players will have a more enjoyable time playing.