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Play Poppy Office Nightmare Online Games

Poppy Office Nightmare is a horror game inspired by the character huggy wuggy poppy play time, you are in a closed office and it's pitch dark. All you have to do is look for the 5 dolls scattered separately with just a small flashlight as a light.

Do not meet huggy wuggy and get caught by him because you will lose, if you hear footsteps while looking for a doll then it is the sound of footsteps from huggy wuggy who is walking towards you then immediately leave that place before meeting him.

The scattered dolls are silver robot-shaped dolls that are small and circling in a certain room, the doll is hidden in the corners of the room that is not easy to find.

This game has real-life graphics that make you feel like you are in a real building. Happy playing with Huggy Wuggy!

How to play : WASD - Move LMB - Attack P - Pause C - Crouch Space - Jump
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