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Play Clone Ball Maze 3D Online Games

Play Clone Ball Maze 3D now on your smartphone! Fun mind teasers. Move the ball, clone, and become the champion!

Clone Ball Maze 3D is a free online game with a maze style that is usually played by boys. With HTML5 feature technology initiated by GameMonetize.

Freely bouncing ball brain game in different and challenging mazes. You have to think about completing each mission and then move on to the next stage.


If you like math, this is the arcade puzzle game for you. Your task is to find a way out for the balls and get out as many balls as possible that are stuck in a maze full of tricky obstacles.

You have to think logically and calculate the possibilities for the ball to succeed free of the puzzles prepared for you because each level has a different difficulty.

There will be several balls on the colorful board that is arranged to form a maze. You have to move the balls leaning to the right or left depending on your needs with the numbers on the board to clone the balls.

Some locked white blocks require a certain number of balls. If you lack the ball then you will lose. Run until the ball falls into the green funnel at each level.

Clone Ball Maze 3D Ball Game Instructions

To move it you can swipe or slide the screen on your smartphone. Can also be played using a desktop browser you have to use the mouse to make the board slide by pressing and dragging it like a joystick.

When playing it, you can rotate the camera to get a better game experience.
No need to be sad if you fail. You can repeat it if you lose without starting from the initial level. Find a way to victory!

Game Features

Many levels
Easy gameplay
Comfortable game experience
3D animation
Requires skill and balance

Are you ready to go through all the challenging levels? Hone your thinking skills and roll the balls. You can play Clone Ball 3D and the other game only at thesimsfans.com!

How to play : Swipe to play
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