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Play Basketball Kings Online Games

If you want to play an interesting game that is not only fun but also challenging, you should try this online free game of Basketball Kings Online!

If you love playing basketball, you will also definitely love this online game of Basketball Kings. It is an online free game available on www.thesimsfans.com and to find out how to play this game, check out the brief explanation below!

However, unlike when you are playing real basketball, to play Basketball Kings is a bit different. Instead of throwing the ball into the hoop, the ball will be thrown to you automatically.

Then, everytime you drag the mouse, it will become a hoop. In other words, you need to adjust the hoop by dragging the mouse to wherever the ball comes and make sure you could successfully gain points.

How to Win Basketball Kings?

There is no limit to winning this game. You just have to play Basketball Kings online as long as you can and gain as many points as possible. Here, you will be given three chances in every play to let the ball pass until the game ends.

It is best to play and compete with friends. Play Basketball Kings right now and get as many scores as possible. Then, at the end of the game, you can share your score and ensure it is enough to beat your friends’ scores.

How to play: Mouse or touchscreen
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