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Bored at school or home? Have fun with this cute puzzle game Puffy Cat Online.

Do you like playing thinking games with cute animals? Then Puffy Cat Online is perfect for you!

Puffy Cat Online is a casual puzzle game made by Belarus developer Indiesoft. In this free online game, a cute tabby cat needs our help. The cat wants to find its way to some balloons, but there are obstacles. Make the cat happy by directing its path so the cat can bounce to pop off the balloons.

The goal of the game is simple. You need to help the cat navigating its way by utilising ledges and the various items available on the stages.

The cat will fall to the ledges below and move its way toward the balloon by removing platforms. Sometimes, the chubby cat will land on the wrong shelves and roll-out out the screen if we’re not careful.

Fun and Easy to Control

With its cute bouncing cat animation and various unique stages, it will be a fun and adorable online game for kids. Puffy Cat is a perfect distraction when you are bored at school or home. The game is very easy to control. You just need to use your mouse and click on the striped platform to remove it.

This adorable animal game also doesn’t require any download or installation. It can be played smoothly and for free on your internet browser.

Hone Your Creativity

The game itself is relaxing while still piquing curiosity. Solving the earlier setting is relatively easy but, the more you get to a higher level, the more challenging the content becomes.

You have to take advantage of the available items like portals, boxes, or trampolines and use out of the box thinking to solve the puzzle. By playing this game, you can hone your creativity and exercise your brain outside studying in class.

So what are you waiting for? Try Puffy Cat Online and get rid of your boredom right now.

how to play : mouse / touch control
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