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Play Fat 2 Fit Online Online Games

Fat 2 Fit invites you to run and collect as much food as possible. Beware with the thorns because it makes you skinny. You have to keep your character fat!

Fat 2 Fit is a popular arcade game that will invite you to enjoy the food as you like. You have to keep running and collect all the food so that your character stays fat.

You must avoid the obstacles and don’t hit the thorns or you will be skinny. Meanwhile, your game is over if you get too skinny to run!


Fat 2 Fit gameplay is pretty simple. You will have an average body to start the game. And there is tons of food in front of you.

Your task is to collect as much food as possible and keep your character fat. However, the game wouldn’t be too simple, after all.

Some obstacles will be your company in the arena. Of course, you have to avoid those thorns and blocks. Otherwise, you will get skinnier and skinnier.

When you are the skinniest, you are out of the game. Thus, you have to keep your character fat so that the obstacles won’t affect you as much as if you’re skinny.

Game Controls

Just like the app version, Fat 2 Fit online also uses a simple control. Slide your fingers left and right to collect food. Also, be sure to avoid the thorns, blocks, and other obstacles.

It can be said that the fatter, the better. All you need to do is to keep your eyes on the game.

Grab Your Food and Keep Running

Since this one is an online game, you do not need to deal with the Fat 2 Fit download in the first place.

There are several levels you have to tame. And all levels require you to collect the food and avoid obstacles. Keep your character fat, and you will score the highest.

Enjoy Fat 2 Fit and get the highest score!

How to play: Follow the game tutorial
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