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Play Blend It Perfect Online Games

Be a juice bartender in the fun Blend It Perfect game. Mix and blend fruit, vegetables, and other ingredients into beautiful juice smoothies!

Here it is, Blend It Perfect turns your juices into the ultimate summer drink. It's time to feel the excitement of being an expert juice maker. Are you ready to have some fun mixing fruit?
Blend It Perfect is one of those popular cooking games. That's why this game is recommended for you!

About Blend It Perfect Game

Do you know what drinks are popular right now? Yes, smoothies! You will be the bartender making juice smoothies. You have to show your creative abilities with a juice smoothie with different ingredients than usual.


At each level, you have to serve customers who have orders for certain types of juice which can sometimes be weird.

You will be given several choices of ingredients in the form of fruits, vegetables, and unusual foods which you have to mix properly on order and make them look delicious. There are 3 arrangements that must be filled with juice, the bottom, middle, and top.

There are more than 100 recipes that you can make into various kinds of juicy smoothies.

If you select all the ingredients as requested, then you earn points and go to the next level. Select an image of a specific fruit that will appear next to the displayed cup, then you must choose the same fruit and match the list of images.

Then, tap and hold the fruit in the blender to make a juice. But, be careful because your hands can be hurt. Before reaching the limit, release your fruit grip, or you lose.

After all the juices are finished, choose the type of glass and decorations according to the buyer's request. If it fits, you can pass the smoothie juice to the buyer and move on to the next level, where you can make new juices.

Drink and make various juice smoothies like Strawberry Juice, Banana Juice, Vegetable Juice, Pina Colada, Chocolate Love, Lemonde, and more to boost free online games experience. This game shows the process of making juice easily. Be careful with your hands! Play Blend It Perfect now at www.thesimsfans.com!

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