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Play Food Slices Online Games

Food Slices game allows you to experience the feeling of slicing fruits and veggies virtually. This game is simple, fun, and quite addictive.

Are you bored spending your time at home due to this pandemic? Why don’t you try the Food Slices game then?

This game is simple and fun yet addictive and free. There is no need to download an app because you can play it online, anytime and anywhere.

Slicing fruits and veggies

As one of the most fun food cutting games online, this game will take you to an arena. There will be a cutting board coloured in grey, with fruits and veggies which you have to cut.

Once you enter the game, you will see some eggplants arranged neatly on the running mat. And then you have a knife which you will use to cut the eggplants.
All you need to do is to left-click your mouse or tap the screen several times to cut the veggies and fruits.

However, you cannot hit the wooden stuff on top of the cutting area, or your knife will break apart. As mentioned earlier, the game is easy and fun. It is like you learn to cut fruits and veggies through a perfect slices game online.

Higher levels, higher tension

On the upper left of the screen, you will see a number that indicates how many slices you have made. When it reaches 100 cuts, you get a level-up.

As the level gets higher, the challenges will follow too. For instance, in the second level, you will get two pieces of oranges on every section of the cutting board. Meanwhile, the cutting board is running a bit faster.

Of course, you need to cut whatever is on the cutting area as fast as possible without hitting the wooden part.

The game is excellent for you who love challenges and patience at the same time. So, why don’t you invite your friends and enjoy the Food Slices game right away?

How to play : Tap to slice with mouse or touchscreen
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