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Play Pet House - Little Friends Online Games

Pet House - Little Friends game will let you take care of a dog, cat, or rabbit at home. You also have to treat them with love, like a real pet.

Pet House - Little Friends game is a fun game that will show you how to take care of pets. This game also requires you to be more than a good animal owner.

Besides giving food, you must treat their fleas, bathing them, treating wounds, and many more.

This game is accessible through various platforms, such as PC, android, and iOS gadgets. So, what are you waiting for?


The gameplay of this game is quite simple, but you will enjoy the fun.
You will be a pet owner and sometimes a vet too. Once you enter the room, three animals wait for your care. Each animal has its needs.

Some of them may need you to feed them, pet them, or take care of their teeth. Of course, you can pick all of them simultaneously after finishing one task to another.

If all their needs have been taken care of, you can proceed to the next pet. Do all the tasks by following the instructions, and you are good to go.

Game Controls

If you play the game on your PC, you can use the mouse to finish all tasks given to you. Most jobs just require you to make a few clicks, after all.

Meanwhile, you can tap the screen if you access it on your phone. As part of online games, you do not need to download this game.

The pet games seem more like you are a caregiver of the animal you choose. Sometimes you also need to be a doctor, or you can say that this game somehow gives you a simulation to be a veterinarian.

But more than anything, Pet House - Little Friends is a fun game to try. Taking care of pets has never been this fun!

How to play : Game is played with MOUSE
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