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Play Stickman Team Force 2 Online Games

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Stickman Team Force 2 is a soldier group to protecting the world. Shoot all the mummies, get coins to extend your life!

Do you want to play exciting and thrilling games? Stickman Team Force 2 is an action game that is free for anyone to play online.

This shooting action game is simple but also high tense, so you can play it in your spare time. Can you win in the siege of the mummies?

About Stickman Team Squad 2

Stickman games always have a special place in the hearts of online players. Stickman Team Force 2 will provide a new shooting experience for you.

Stickman Team Force 2 is made by Game Monetize with a simple main character who has a straight body that must carry a weapon.

The adventures of a special team called Stickman Team Force 2 are recruited to protect world peace, where there is an organization that uses technology to move mummies. You have to kill them by firing shots.

If you manage to kill it, you will get points. you can add those points to skills, lives, weapons, and change heroes. There is a mummy chest which if you open it there is a first aid box to increase your health. Kill all the mummies!


Next, you have to know the game controls, making it easier for you to run the war game.

The gameplay of this game is better when you use a PC. Move the Stickman with the arrow keys up, down, left, and right, press the Z key to attack or shoot, and the X key to perform a special attack. Then press C to change the hero if you want to change it in the middle of the game.

There will be 3 soldiers, one of whom is you who becomes the leader. In the middle of the Egyptian desert, you have to fight the mummies and don't lose your members or you lose.

Shoot it out to win! Save the world from desert mummies and monsters, play your entertaining Stickman Team Force 2 saga game which can be played free online at thesimsfans.com.

How to play : Arrow move, W and C
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