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How to Get Money In The Sims 4

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If you get bored living your regular life so far, you should try playing the Sims 4. It is a life simulator where you can customize your character as well as easily choose your residence. You may ask, how to get money in the Sims 4 to buy a residence?

This game allows you to choose the life you want to live. You can pick your character’s trait, any girl or boy you want to date, as well as study hard in college. You may also easily choose the way you get money. The process is similar to real life.

Career Choices

So, how to get money in the Sims 4? You cannot be a lazy person to get a lot of money unless you want to use the boring money cheats. There are many career choices that you may choose in this life simulator game.

To pursue a career in the Sims 4, you must practice a lot and upgrade your skills. After that, work smart, so you can spend money on fancy residences, vehicles, etc. Here are career choices for you:

1. Be an Employee

Your character or so-called Sim will have fixed a daily schedule. You must run it accordingly, so you will not be a mess. You need to wake up, enjoy breakfast, and get ready on time. So, you will arrive at the workplace on time.

Work well at the workplace, then come home with joy and peace, sleep, and start the cycle over again tomorrow. As you will be paid per hour, you must work diligently to enjoy a lot of money.

Each job requires different skills that determine your hourly income. The highest-paying hourly skills are the villain and the start-up entrepreneur. The villain skill will make you a secret agent. The start-up entrepreneur skill will make you a tech guru.

You may also choose other jobs based on your skills and passion. You can be a civil engineer, a doctor, astronaut, professor, or even a criminal one. Each job requires different working hours and days.

2. Be a Famous One

You may ask, how to get money in the Sims 4 in a different way? If you do not want to be a regular employee, you can also be a famous one. You can choose to be an actor, musician, comedian, and style influencer.

To be an actor, you must join one of four talent agencies. The instructor will teach you how to hypnotize the audience with your acting skill. On level 1, you will practice acting with a mirror or microphone. On level 2, you will practice with another Sim unlocks.

After practicing a lot, you will reach level 3 where you can perform romance scenes to earn a little. Then your level will be increased, so you will be able to perform other scenes that bring more income.

To be a musician, you must buy a musical instrument and practice a lot at home. If you want to be more confident, you can play your musical instrument in a cafe or at the roadside. People will give you some feedback that can improve your skills.

To be a comedian, you can tell your joke in a comedy club or cafe. For the first time, you will not be paid. However, you will be able to know many people who may offer you a job.

To be a style influencer, you must use the given sketch pad early on to improve your painting and photography skills. By practicing a lot, you will be on level 4, you can publish fashion articles. As you level up, you will get a chance to post some influencing photos.

3. Be a Freelancer

You can be your own boss and set your schedule as you wish. Freelancer career includes writer, programmer, and artist. So, read and write a lot to be a good writer and paint a lot to be a great artist.

To be a programmer, you need to go to college and study coding. To get more knowledge and relation, you may also go to college to pursue a writer or artist career.

Open a Business

You have multiple choices, such as: opening a restaurant, a vet, etc. First, mark a lot as retail, invest in the business, design the business lot, and run your business. Then, hire good employees, restock, and pitch a sale.

You can be everything here, so choose freely and wisely. Be a rich Sim who lives in a fancy residence and rides a cool vehicle. You are also able to take a trip everywhere as long as you have enough money. Thus, the explanation of how to get money in the Sims 4 besides the unchallenging money cheats. Happy getting rich, Simmers!