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Play Knife Throw Online Games

Are you looking for a game that becomes much more interesting on every level? Try this Knife Throw Online that is now free and online for you!

Knife Throw Online is one of the most recommended games you could find on the TFS games website. It is not only free but it is also very fun and easy to play, both for kids or even adults. Find out more about this game through the paragraphs below!

What is a Knife Throw Online game?

If you enjoy playing games that require shooting accuracy yet it is still fun and challenging to do, then you should play Knife Throw Online game at least once. As you pass to the next level, you will find this game is very fun and you’ll end up playing this over and over again.

The main task of this game is to shoot the knife into the outer part of the spinning dart. To move into the next level, you have to be able to shoot each knife into the dart board. For your information, you will be given a set of knives that consist of around 9 to 10 knives.


As mentioned before, to play Knife Throw is pretty easy. While the dart board is spinning, you just need to click to shoot the knife. Here, you need to be able to adjust the knife so that it won’t hit the other knives you’ve shot. If it hits another knife, it means you need to restart the game from the same level.

Each level will have different difficulties and you will also face a boss fight level.

Also, you are able to change the type of knife you want to use while playing by clicking on the knife button and choosing the available knife you are interested to change with.

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