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Play Tom & Jerry Run Online Games

Bored at home? Jerry needs your help! Have fun with Tom and Jerry Run and help Jerry collect his cheese.

In Tom and Jerry Run, our favourite cartoon comes back in the form of a running game for kids. It is a free online game recommended for kids who feel bored at home.

The game follows Jerry as he dashes around the house eating every cheese. Help Jerry evade chairs and tables as he gathers all his cheese! But be careful, don’t let Tom catch you.

The Tom and Jerry running game has simple gameplay similar to Temple Run. The goal is to run and collect as much cheese as we can.

When hitting chairs or tables, the game will be over. But no worries, there is a slow-motion mode to prevent crashing to furniture. Sometimes we will also get a magnet that can help us make more cheese.

You can open this game on an internet browser. There is no need for download or installation to play. The control is easy too. To jump and dodge the furniture, use the arrows on the keyboard. And to enter slow motion, click on the spacebar.

Fun and Challenging

Playing this game is fun and challenging. The run is fast, so you must dodge quickly. Find the right moment to jump, or you will hit the tables and start over. Don’t jump too fast or too late. Playing it will train your reflex to think quickly.

The game’s animation is good, too; you will feel like you are there running with Jerry. The faster he runs, the more exciting it will get. It is so fun and addicting, perfect for kids who love online running games and adore Tom - Jerry.

So, say no to boredom. Tom and Jerry Run will accompany your free time at home. Try it now and have fun running with Jerry!

How to play : Use mouse or keyboard
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