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Play Jet pack Online Games

Searching for a new game to fill your time? Get rid of your boredom and fly with Jimmy in this game Jet Pack!

Wear your jet pack and fly with Jimmy in this arcade game for kids! Jet Pack is a recommended online game to fill your time.

In this game you will play as Jimmy and navigate his jet pack ride. Jimmy needs your help to stay afloat and collect various sweets while flying. Soar with him and become a jet flying champion in this game!

Simple but Challenging

The goal of this game is really simple. You just need to go up as high as you can and collect as many candies as you can. At certain levels, you can unlock a new character beside Jimmy. The game will be over if you fall or run out of stamina.

Even so, the gameplay is challenging because the jet only stays on for a short duration of time. To avoid falling, you need to activate the jet whenever it starts losing power. But, every time you turn on the jet it will consume your stamina.

You only get 12 hearts for the stamina. So, you must reach a checkpoint with only 12 jet thrust. Thankfully, collecting a cake will heal the heart. Reaching the checkpoint also restores the heart to 12 again. Navigate your jet direction so you can gather many cakes and candies.

That’s why this flying game is exciting. It’s simple but challenging. Jet Pack will be a fun way to train your mind and your reflex.

The Game Control

The control of the game is easy. You just need to click on the screen with a mouse or your touchpad. Clicking will turn on the jet pack. You can’t manually steer the route the jet takes, but you can direct it by turning on the jet when Jimmy starts moving to a direction.

This game is fully free to play. And no need to download or install either, you can play it on an internet browser.

Jet Pack is a fun and interesting game to play. If you have some free time, it’s highly recommended to try this game.

How to play : Mouse or touch control
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