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How to Get The Sims 4 On Mac In Step By Step

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It is so interesting when you can simulate your real life into virtual reality. You can make everything you want, like building a house, getting a job, until setting the baby gender. If that’s what you are looking for, then the Sims is the game. Since it was firstly released in February 2000, now the game has changed a lot. Here, you can find how to get The Sims 4 on Mac.

Maybe you are wondering, “why is it so important to know how to get the Sims 4 on Mac?”. With so many versions has been released, the Sims 4 version has some differences from the Sims 3. In the Sims 4, everything seems more intuitive. But, on the other hand, it is simpler than before. If you are curious about the game, then follow the steps below:

1. Make Sure the Requirements

First of all, you need to check your Mac. It has to meet the requirements. These are the minimum specs you should prepare:

-RAM 4Gb (at least)

-CPU with Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4Ghz or better.

-OS is macOS El Capital (10.11) Metal compatible as the minimum.

-Has at least 15 Gb free space hard drive with 1Gb additional space.

-For the video, it needs NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT or better than that version.

As for the rest, you absolutely need an internet connection, also a keyboard and mouse. But, when you start the Expansion Packs, Game Packs, and Stuff Packs, you need greater specs.

2. Download and Install Origin

Next, you must download and install Origin. It is the only way to get the Sims 4 for your Mac. If you have played the Sims before and installed it through the PC version, then the Mac version will follow. You don’t have to spend an extra cost because it is available at the same time. Get the Origin here: Do an installation and follow the steps.

3. Login Using Username and Password

Origin is a platform to get a PC game for free. Also, you can find some features to build experience in-game too from here. However, you need to login by using your user name and password first.

Remember, the Sims is a big game to download. It is nearly 9 Gb. So, click on “Installs & Saves” in the Origin window to save the game once you need to uninstall. One day when you want to play it again, you can directly install the game without having to re-download this game. You can change the file path if you want to move to a different location.

4. Find The Sims 4

There is no trial version for the Sims 4 for Mac users. It is only for Windows users. Thus, you need to pay to have it. Once you purchase the game, it will automatically install. But, if it doesn’t, you can click the “Install” button. Check the “Games Library” inside the Origin. The Sims 4 will always stay there.

If you already bought the PC disc version, this part would be easier. You can register by using the code. Insert them on your Origin account, the following instruction appears. That is how to get the Sims 4 on Mac in the fastest way.

5. Continue to the Installation

Actually, you have started the installation above. In this stage, you just follow every single instruction and wait until the game is fully installed. One thing you have to know is that when you are running macOS 10.15 Catalina or later, it will ask to allow Origin and the Sims 4. Here, of course, you have to allow and give permission.

Now, you can enjoy playing the Sims 4. You don’t need to open Origin again to play this game in the future. It is opened automatically because Origin has already validated. Hopefully, all steps mentioned about how to get the Sims 4 on Mac can help you to own the game. Really, it is fun and you must not miss it.