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Play Minecraft Remake Online Games

Want to play Minecraft without worrying about space or lag? Choose Minecraft Remake, an online Minecraft game. You don’t have to download or install it!

Do you want to play Minecraft on your phone or PC but you don’t have sufficient space? Does your phone always lag when you play Minecraft?

Don’t worry, play Minecraft Remake on your PC or phone without having to download Minecraft! Enjoy the same features without worrying!

What Is Minecraft Remake?

It’s a Minecraft classic game, but it’s completely online! No need to download or install it on your device.

You can find familiar features in Minecraft Remake, such as the terrain, blocks, forest, and water. You could build houses, gardens, and buildings, too.

Similar to a regular Minecraft, you’ll find a variety of blocks, too. For example, dirt block, woodblock, grass block, sand block, etc.


Use the WASD keys or the arrow keys to move. Klick your left mouse to break blocks and your right mouse to put a block.

To highlight your block, press the E key. If you want to view your surrounding, you can scroll your mouse wheel.

Press the shift key if you want to sprint and use the right mouse to switch the block.

Rules and Tips:

The rules in this online game are similar to a regular Minecraft. The difference is, Minecraft Remake doesn’t have a survival mode.

You can wander the terrain as you do in a regular Minecraft, and you can get lost, too. So, remember to trace your steps before you go anywhere!

The sound effects are pretty much the same, too. Therefore, you can always feel like you’re playing the original Minecraft.

But, alongside the sound effects, Minecraft Remake gives you music as a background as well.

The tranquil music creates a sense of serenity as you build your buildings.
Ready to tackle the terrain and create your own world? Play Minecraft Remake online on your PC or phone!

How to play: - WASD or Moving Arrow Keys - Left Mouse Button Destroy Blocks - Left Sprint Shift - Mouse View - Scroll Wheel Switch Block - Right Mouse Key Place Block - Mouse Middle Button Get Highlighted Block - E View - Jump Space
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