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Play Pacman html5 Online Games

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Have fun in your free time with this arcade game Pacman html5! A very recommended free and online game to play.

Looking for a fun game for your free time? Pacman html5 is the best for you. In this popular and legendary title, play as Pacman as he navigates the maze and eats all the dots on the screen. Don’t forget to avoid the ghost too or you will get eaten!

Simple and Enjoyable

This Pacman game has a simple goal. The character must go around a maze to collect all the dots on the screen. No exception, even dots hidden behind corners and in dead ends too.

While eating dots, he must avoid all the colorful ghosts because they are very dangerous. Those 4 ghosts will chase you so run as fast as you can!

Though, you don’t need to worry. There are power ups you can pick to defeat the ghost gang. In the corners of the maze, there are glowing balls called power pellets.

Pick the power pellets so the ghost will turn blue and you can eat them instead. You can also use the opportunity to eat as many dots you can because the ghosts will run away from us when they are blue.

With increased levels, the maze will vary. There are more corners and dead ends, power pellets duration also shortened. You need to use strategy to not get caught by the ghost. It will be a good challenge for you.

Easy Control

To play the game, just use the arrow keys on the keyboard. It’s a 2D arcade game, so you can only move in four directions. The game is very easy to play too because you don’t need to download or install.

Even though it’s simple, this maze chase game is still very addicting. The game is fun and relaxing to play, but also gives you a challenge to make it interesting. Perfect for your rest time or for whenever you feel bored.

That’s why Pacman html5 is a very recommended game to play. Go play this fun game online and for free!

How to play: Arrow keys On mobile devices use arrows that will appear on your device
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