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Play Draw The Bridge Online Games

Experience the thrill of being able to bring your vehicle across the pit with this exciting Draw the Bridge online game.

Draw the bridge Online is a fun and interesting game for younger kids who are crazy about cars and adventure. The quest is pretty simple, that is to say, simply drawing a line as a bridge for the car to cross the existing pit.

Kids will find the bridge builder game satisfying as if they were riding the vehicle trying to cross a deep pit.

Make sure that the line you draw is fine and straight, otherwise your car will be overthrown. However, you will still be able to continue and go to the next level.

Make sure that you collect all the three stars every time your car is crossing the bridge you draw. This effort will help you get the highest potential score on each level you are playing.

Feel the thrilling sensations every time you are able to cross the bridge you drew and get the opportunity to collect all the stars for a higher score. You will also experience the pounding sensation when your vehicle rolls over given that the bridge is too sharp. It is really interesting and exciting!

This bridge builder game will definitely grant you never-ending fun and ultimate amusement. Do you dare to try?

You can download it for free, then play the game whenever and wherever you like on your favorite gadgets with no Wi-Fi. In fact, you can also play this entertaining game on your web browser.


Web Browser, smartphone and PC

Draw a bridge easy game offers 30 different levels for every player to explore. Take your time in discovering each new challenge on a higher level
It is a fun and challenging game that every younger kid will love
You can download the game for free
As a matter of fact, you can also play the game for free without downloading the game.

Now, it’s time for you to explore the Draw the Bridge game and get the chance to experience all the thrilling from it. Have fun!

How to play: Tap to draw
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