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Pass obstacles and other players! Fun Race online game is an arcade parkour game that challenges you to reach the finish line and become the first champion.

If you like to play action games, maybe the skill games Fun Race online games can turn you into a pro player. Run hard, do parkour, avoid all the obstacles, and be the first to reach the finish line!

About Fun Race

Fun Race is a free online game created and provided by gamemonetize.com. This multiplayer game is quite addictive.

You can play it online on any device and platform. Play it on a laptop, computer, smartphone, and tablet browser.

Your mission is to be the first person on the finish line to move to a higher level. You don't need to do parkour-like jumps and rolls. Just run and avoid the deadly obstacles. Pass 2 opponents AI runners who are on the race track. If you can't get past it, you will lose and lose your chance to be a champion.

Fun Race Gameplay

How to play or gameplay fun race game online is easy and simple. Just tap your smartphone screen to make the character run and lift your finger if you want to stop. For PC, click the mouse to move or stop to avoid traps.

Fun Race Features

Fun Race has hundreds of unique levels with various difficult obstacles such as rotating pillars, giant swinging hammers, thorns that appear suddenly, and many others that always increase in difficulty.
The race track in Spongebob Squarepants 'Bikini Bottom' makes it not boring.
Good 3D animation graphics
Compete with other AI
Can get and unlock characters with new skills if step to next level
No need to download and install
It’s totally free
The gameplay is addictive and makes you lose track of time

Not only passing traps but also racing against other players! Try the Fun Race online game at thesimsfans.com! Challenge yourself and your friends you can win to get the highest points!

How to play: Mouse or touchscreen
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