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Very nice graphics, interesting story plot and easy to play are some reasons why you should play Raft Wars 2 Online. Find out how to play through the paragraph below!

Looking for a game that has nice graphics and plot but online and free? Try this Raft Wars 2 Online game. It tells about a story of a boy with his brother trying to defend their golds that they bury. Check out a quick review of the game below before playing it!

This game starts with an intro video telling about the plot of the game. The main characters are two brothers who are using a swim ring. Your role will be as the elder brother who has to shoot things according to the instructions. In other words, you are asked to either shoot things or other characters.

To play Raft Wars 2, you need to be able to shoot from distance. As a result, you will need to adjust the speed and the angel. The challenging part is that you can't see the target while preparing for shooting. Hence, measure your shooting angle and speed and release when you are ready to shoot.

After that, you can see whether it shoots right through the object or not. There is no limit on how many times you can shoot. But the better stars and points you get if you could shoot each object with one try shooting.

How to play : Mouse - Click and picture to shoot
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