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Play Stervella in the Fashion World Online Games

Cruella wants to be a fashion designer, so why don’t you create a gorgeous look on her first? Play Stervella in the Fashion World for free here.

Do you watch Disney? Stervella In the Fashion World is a game inspired by Disney’s Cruella.

According to the movie, there was a girl named Estella. She wanted to be a hit fashion designer and would try anything to make her dream come true.

In this game, why don’t you create a gorgeous look first for her? Play the game and experience how fun it is to play dress-up online!

Pick a look

This game is all about creating an outfit for Stervella, a character inspired by Cruella.

Once you start the game, you will see two faces of Stervella. You can choose the close-up one and start the makeup things.

After clicking the close-up picture, you will proceed into putting on lipstick and then blush to eye-shadow. Feel free to pick the colours you like the most.

Also, you do not need to stick to her
current hairstyle. There are six hairstyles available for you to choose from, and five of them are in black and white.

Choose your dress

After you are done with her makeup and hairdo, you can continue to choose her dress. The options are not limited to dress only, considering there are plenty of selections on the wardrobe.

All the pieces of clothes in her wardrobe seem like they came straight from fashion week. Of course, feel free to mix and match anything you like from her closet, though.

You choose her dress and pick her shoes, clutch, and other accessories needed. There is no need to buy coins or anything to create the outfit.

And there you go! You have a gorgeous outfit for Stervella. It is time to take some snaps and save them for yourself.
Feel free to invite your friends to play Stervella in the Fashion World. Playing fashion dress-up games doesn’t need to be expensive, right?

How to play: Left mouse button or touch
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