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Play 12 Slice Hit Online Games

Do you like easy but challenging games? Play 12 Slice Hit game. A puzzle game that requires high focus and strategy.

12 Slice Hit Game is an interesting and simple pizza puzzle game. Shape puzzles are fun, but also challenging. This is a logical game. As the level goes up, you have to be more focused and fast to finish it. The more puzzles you solve, the higher the score goals. Everyone can play this addictive game.


The pizza slices will appear in the middle of the screen. Press the pieces that appear to arrange and place the pizza slices together into the perfect pizza slice pattern.

Finish all the pizza pieces in the circle to blow them up and score more points.

The more points you reach the goal, the more pieces you get to unlock the next level.

If all circles are filled and you can't place a new slice anymore, then you have to 'out of move' or game over. The game will not return to the initial level. So you can repeat it until it works.

Think in advance of the slice and its place. Also, check out the next slice that will appear so you can get ready. This is a brain game that you can play to kill time.

Make sure you always have room in the circular pan to move on to the next stage! Because the higher the level, the more difficult it is, the more points you have to get.

This game is made to test your reflexes and focus, how high your concentration is in reacting.

Game Features

Fun and Easy to Learn Gameplay: It doesn't take long for you to know how this game works. The gaming experience is fun and easy to get addicted to.
Unlimited Levels: There is no level limit in this game. Challenge yourself to survive to how many levels you can.
Explore Game Mode: The higher the level, the more obstacles to solving the pizza puzzle.
No Time Limit: There is no time limit to complete it.
Can Play Offline: Don't worry if the internet goes down, because the game can still take place.
Graphics and Effects: Simple but still attractive. Make it last in the old game.
Free: 12 Slice Hit game is completely free.

Wow! After knowing how to play the game and its features, it will certainly challenge you. Play this 12 Slice Hit game now! Have Fun.

How to play : Mouse / touch control
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