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Play Trains.io 3D Online Games

Tired of playing games alone? Try Trains.io 3D so you can play with other players, compete against each other, and try to be the longest and strongest train.

Boys always like vehicles or other things related to mechanics. Trains.io 3D is a game that can be played with several other players, even if you don't know them, that won't make it any less fun. You'll be driving your virtual train in all directions, eating as much as you can, and getting longer and longer.

Playable in Many Platforms

The visuals of the Trains.io 3D game are actually quite simple, even though they are displayed in 3D. There aren't a lot of instructions, but intuitively you'll play it well because it's very easy to understand. You just need to use the mouse when playing on the computer or touch the screen when playing on a smartphone.

Yes, you can indeed play this game online on many platforms, PC, browser, tablets, including iOS and Android systems. Equipped with a smart AI bot, the game can be very fast and there is also a background sound that can be muted if it bothers you.


This multiplayer arcade game is quite fun and a little bit thrilling because a lot of things can happen at the same time. The rules are quite simple. You'll have to steer your virtual train, eat screw pieces and tools scattered across the game arena, and even others, to increase your body length.

But you also have to be careful not to hit the obstacles that are there. Besides, you must not hit another train played by other players or you are finished. So, it's a game of being the longest train and who can last longer in the game arena.

Quite easy but hard to do. This game requires you to think fast and make a quick decision, controlling eye connection and hand movements so that the movement of your train can be well-controlled. In essence, try to survive and get the highest score on the scoreboard to win.

It's a Trains.io 3D game that looks quite simple, but it's not that easy. Even so, the game is quite fun and makes many people feel challenged by it. Do you feel that way too?

How to play : Mouse / touchscreen to control train move
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