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Play Liquid Bubble Sort Online Games

Liquid Bubble Sort is challenging you to move the liquid according to its colour. The game will keep going on until you find the right formula to empty a bottle.

Liquid Bubble Sort is a fun puzzle game that will challenge your logic. There are a few bottles with different colours of liquid in them.

Your task is to separate the liquid according to its colour and make sure that everything goes right. There are tons of levels you have to complete, and you better try this game now.


The gameplay of this liquid split game is pretty simple. However, it requires you to use all your logical ability in the first place.

There are three options of stages you can choose: easy, medium and hard. The easy level comes up with three bottles, the medium level has six bottles, and the hard level comes with eight bottles.

Each bottle has several different colours. Your task is to sort the colours accordingly. You have already completed the level if all colours are sorted off and a bottle is empty.

Of course, this online game requires you to finish a level to unlock another. There is no way to skip levels in the first place.

Game Control

To run the game, you just need to click your mouse and pick the same colour of the liquid. The bottle won’t pour the juice unless you choose the ones with the same colour.

Other than using your mouse, the game is controllable through screen-touch if you play from your smartphone.

This game seems like a never-ending story, but it comes up with fun levels.

Sort the Liquid and Move Up Your Level

This liquid sort game is enjoyable. You can play it with your friends and heat the competitive vibe in the room.

More than anything, the different challenges on each level will satisfy your soul that craves challenges. So, why don’t you play Liquid Bubble Sort now and enjoy the game for free?

How to play: mouse e touch
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