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Play Roller Skating Run Online Games

Experience the feeling of being a pro skater in the Roller Skating Run. Make sure you don’t fall by spreading or narrowing your legs and get the highest score.

Roller Skating Run allows you to enjoy the feeling of being a pro skater. All you need to do is avoid the obstacles by spreading or narrowing your legs as you need.

Slide Left and Right

The basic step of this game is spreading your legs so that you don’t hit the obstacles. While playing on a computer requires you to drag the mouse, touch your screen if you use a mobile gadget.

To ensure you don’t fall, you can prepare your next move as soon as possible (but not too soon, though). The obstacles are varied, from a short stepping stone to some longboards that require you to spread the legs a bit longer.

As long as you do it right, you will get the highest score. However, if you fall or step on the obstacles, you are done.
Besides, the score cannot be continued. It means that once you fail, you have to restart the scoreboard from zero.

Keep in mind that the obstacles are getting harder and harder by the time. Thus, if you love challenges, roller skating games online will do you good.

So, how can you master this game? How does this sports game work?

How to play: Drag with mouse or touch
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