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Play Pop It Fidget NOW! Online Games

Decorate your bubble wraps with festive colours in Pop It Fidget NOW! Explore various sound effects and shapes to satisfy your bubble-popping desire!

Do you love bubble wraps? Do you feel disappointed when all of it is popped and you still want to play?

Then, Pop It Fidget NOW! is the solution for you!

Pop endless bubbles in this online game and satisfy yourself!

Is Pop It Fidget NOW! A bubble wrap game?

More or less. It’s a game inspired by the booming game Pop It! which is liked by children of all ages, even adults.

Pop It! Is a bubble wrap that you can pop and un-pop, which makes it an endless bubble wrap.

So, Pop It Fidget NOW! Is the online version of that?

Yes, this game is an online Pop It.
First, it’s easy to access this game online through your PC or your phone.
It’s easy to play, too.

Oh, and it’s a free game.

You just need to pop the bubble by clicking your mouse or touchpad on your PC. If you’re using your phone, simply tap your screen to pop the bubbles.

What’s special about this game?
It comes with many perks for you to enjoy. Because this game is a clicker game, you can get bored quickly.

To make the game fun for you, Pop It Fidget NOW! Gives you the freedom to choose what colour you like for your bubbles.

The bubbles themselves are packed in different shapes like circles, rectangles, unicorns, and many more.

You can also switch the sound effects.
There are three sound effects options which are, bubble wrap, bath bubbles, and piano.

Because this game is an endless bubble wrap, you can flip your bubbles and un-pop it!

Once you finish a shape of bubbles, you can unlock new shapes.

Let’s pop endless bubbles, decorate them with various colours, and tinker with sound effects with Pop It Fidget NOW! Available on PC and phone.

How to play : Use mouse or touch
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