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Play Bubble Shooter Genies Online Games

Are you looking for a relaxing and fun game? Try the Bubble Shooter Genies Online game. It is an excellent game for anyone who is looking for an enjoyable game.

If you want to break free from the never-ending school projects or stressful tasks, you should try playing this easy and entertaining Bubble Shooter Genies Online game. Whenever and wherever you are, you can always have fun playing this game from www.thesimsfans.com.

What is Bubble Shooter Genies Online

Bubble Shooter Genies Online is a game full of bubbles of different colours. You need to get rid of these blue, yellow, red and green bubbles before hitting the ground.

Before shooting the bubble, you can see the preview of the bubble. In other words, you will know what colour it is. Next to it, there is an open treasure box with a bubble in it. There, you can also see the colour for the next bubble.

When you play Bubble Shooter Genies Online, make use of those two hits mentioned before as the best strategies to shoot all the bubbles as soon as possible.


Similar to its name, the title of the game shows that this game is about shooting bubbles. To play Bubble Shooter Genies, shoot the bubble into the same colours to eliminate all of the bubbles before they hit the ground.

After you shoot a bubble, a long candy cane will push the bubble to the ground. Your job is to shoot any bubbles before they fall to the ground. Just adjust the cursor and click to shoot in any direction you want.

How to play: mouse/touchscreen
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