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Play Wedding Planner and Decoration Online Games

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Plan the best wedding for the royal groom and bride. The Wedding Planner and Decoration game also require you to decorate the entire wedding-related things.

Wedding Planner and Decoration allows you to plan a vast yet memorable wedding this season. You can create the best wedding in town for the royal groom and bride.

This game is available in the web browser, both on mobile and desktop. Also, you can use your mouse to run this game or touch the screen on your mobile gadget.

Dress the Bride and Groom Up

This one will test your juggling ability without losing your sense of fashion as part of the girls game.

The bride and groom are waiting for their big day. Thus, they need your help to make everything go perfectly.
To start your journey as a wedding planner, the bride needs your help to put on some makeup and a hairdo for her. There are several options of colours for each makeup.

However, you will need to watch an ad video to choose the colour you prefer. Otherwise, you can go with the default makeup colour.

After finishing the makeup, you can proceed to the dressing room. Here you can choose the dress, hairdo, and accessories for the bride. Pick the dress that suits the bride the most!
You also have to pick the wardrobe for the groom once the bride is ready.

There is no need to master a specific skill to play this game. However, playing together with friends is always more fun.

Decorate the Rest

The wedding games also need some decorations on the aisle. Once the aisled is done, you can proceed to the cake.

As mentioned earlier, this game requires you to decorate the entire thing needed in the wedding. Once you have already decorated everything in the venue, the wedding is ready to take place.

So, why don’t you invite your friends to play the Wedding Planner and Decoration together? You can exchange some snaps with each other afterwards.

How to play : Select game item with mouse or touchscreen
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