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Swing and jump with a cute stickman in this game Super Hero Hook. Best game to get rid of your boredom!

Swing like a Spiderman in this free online game Super Hero Hook! In this arcade game, your character must race to the finish line by grabbing hooks and using trampolines. Jump and grab the hook at the right moment so that the momentum will carry you forward to the end of the stage!

The gameplay of this stickman game seems easy but a little bit tricky. When not grappling with hooks, your character will roll into a ball and move following the law of physics. If the character is in a slope, he will roll down out of the screen, and the game is over. When he falls into a flat surface, he will stand still and can’t grab the hook.

You must be careful when positioning his fall. Make sure to let him fall on a trampoline so he will bounce and catch the hook. Take advantage of the momentum, too, or else he can’t reach the next hook. When your stickman swings, make sure to let off the hook only when the next one is not out of reach.

That’s why Super Hero Hook has fun and unique gameplay. You must find an excellent strategy to reach the finish line. This is a good game that will train your reflex and your brain.

To play it, you only need to click the screen at the right moment. If you are playing on the computer, use your mouse or touchpad.

Click on the screen when your stickman bounces near a hook. He will automatically grab it and use it to swing. Tap the screen once again to let go of the hook. Repeat the process when you are near another hook.

It’s free to play and can be played online through your internet browser. This strategy game is very easy to play. No installation or download is required.

So, Super Hero Hook is a highly recommended game to fill your time. It’s a fun stickman game that will train your brain and won’t let you get bored.

How to play : Touch or mouse
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