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Play Ambulance Simulator Online Games

Need an adrenaline rush but hate a constant time limit? Ambulance Simulator is the perfect blend. Challenge your agility and finger prowess and snatch the win!

Ambulance Simulator is an online game available for you to play easily on your PC.

A first-responder should be fast in case of emergency. So, Ambulance Simulator challenges you to get to your patient as quickly as possible.

With the help of your nimble fingers and excellent parking skills, you can retrieve your patients and safely transports them to the nearest hospital.

Drive safely, avoid a collision, and maintain three stars on every level!

To help you get to your patients quickly, Ambulance Simulator provides arrows as your compass to navigate the city. Follow the hands, and they’ll lead you to your patients.

By using the WASD keys or the arrow keys, you can control where your ambulance needs to go. If you want to change the angle of your camera, you can press the ‘C’ key.

Then, park precisely inside the yellow box. Use your active fingers to position the ambulance, so the yellow box turns green! Be agile, and you win!

Rules and Tips

Remember! While Ambulance Simulator doesn’t have time limits like the usual racing game, you get stringent rules.

You’ll only get three stars, and the stars will decrease every time your ambulance collides with another car, a building, or a pole.

Every collision cost you half a star, so remember to drive safely!

Most importantly, you can’t accidentally run over your patient. The game will be over if you hit your patient.

Ambulance Simulator has 25 levels in total, and the higher the levels, the more patients you need to rescue!

The road to the hospital can be full of turns and twisters with cars driving on the two lanes; therefore, keep your fingers on your keyboard to quickly wiggle your way through!

How to play: WASD or arrow keys to control ambulance C to change camera view
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